How to Make Money on Amazon – 5 Ways

How to Make Money on Amazon – 5 Ways

how to make money on amazon

Whether you want to make some money on the side or become a full-blown business owner, Amazon is the best place to do it. The marketplace has grown significantly past being a used book store, offering people millions of products and services to buy. So here are five of the best ways you can make money on Amazon.

1. Sell Products Through Amazon FBA

Of course, the best and often used method to make money selling on Amazon is to become an Amazon FBA seller . You can sell almost anything you want on Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon), whether it is used books, children’s toys, smartphones and/or shoes.

Through FBA, you can pay more attention to the growth and profitability of your business. This is because the program makes being a seller easier by handling all the order fulfillment for you. This includes picking, packing and shipping orders to customers, as well as handling returns and refunds.

2. Become An Amazon Affiliate Marketer

If you don’t want to sell products for Amazon but would still like to earn with Amazon, then you can think about becoming an Amazon affiliate marketer. All you need is a website or blog that has a large readership. You also need some good content writing skills.

Next, you need to join the Amazon Associates program and start promoting Amazon products on your website or blog. Once someone purchases the products or services you are advertising through your affiliate link, you will earn a commission.

A little piece of advice when it comes to being an affiliate marketer is to make sure you advertise products that are relevant to your audience. You better check the IO Scout product tracker for Amazon its very useful tool. Advertising for the sake of making a quick buck can make you lose credibility in the eyes of your audience. So if, for example, you write about fitness on your blog, you should advertise fitness products – don’t advertise cooking equipment.

3. Sell Private Label Products

If you are still looking for more ways on how to make money with Amazon after reading the first two options, then you should try selling private label products. These are products you have created and listed on Amazon as belonging to you. You came up with them, got them manufactured and put your label on them.

This means that you are in full control of how you can list them on Amazon. Furthermore, you can make improvements to the product based on customer feedback. This gives you greater control than you would have if you just ordered the products from AliExpress or Alibaba and just sold them as you own.

4. Publish Your Own Books on Amazon

If you are a writer and always dreamed of writing a book and earning from it, then Amazon is the best place to do it. You don’t need to be signed by a big book publisher in order to sell your book on Amazon. All you have to do is sign up as a seller and upload the book (if it is an eBook) or list the physical copy.

If you are selling physical copies, you can take advantage of FBA. This is, in fact, one of the top ways people are making money on Amazon. You can basically use FBA for anything that involves shipping.

5. Try Amazon Services

Amazon isn’t all about selling products, as you can sell services as well. If you possess a skill that people find handy, you can offer your services on Amazon through Amazon Services . So whether you are plumber, electrician, landscaper, house cleaner, tree trimmer or something else, you can look for clients on Amazon.

This is a big move by Amazon to expand its offerings to people in need and open new markets for people who provide services instead of products. Now people don’t only have to rely on Craig’s List, TaskRabbit and Angie’s List. However, be advised that you get 80-85% of what the customer pays, with the rest going to Amazon.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for ways on how to make money selling on Amazon, then you can try any of the five methods mentioned above. These tried and true methods that people are using to earn on Amazon right now. Whether it is a product or service, you will definitely find customers on Amazon.

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A Detailed Guide to Sellics

Sellics is a popular for marketing products on Amazon. Time and again, Amazon merchants across the globe have used this package and duly lauded it for the convenience it brings forth. But how exactly does Sellics work? What are its features and pricing plans? Well, that’s what we will find out over the next few sections. Keep reading for a detailed Sellics review.   

Sellics in a Nutshell

 Established almost 6 years back, Sellics is a Germany based company that specializes is commercial marketing. The organization initially came up with a simple feature for ranking keywords. Since then, developers have been adding plenty of features and within no time, Sellics turned out to be a complete software marketing package for merchants selling on eCommerce platforms.  Both large and mid level agencies have used this package. Currently, the company offers three packages meant for sellers, amazon vendors, and agencies. The Seller version is exclusively tailored for merchants selling on Amazon. They, however, need to have a verified seller account for the same. The vendor account can be used by any vendor-grade seller of Amazon and the Agency Edition is meant for verified agencies.     

sellics price

 What Are the Price Packages?  

You can buy the different packages of this bundled product asyou’re your yearly revenues from Amazon. Sellics Pricing for their Seller verison starts from $57 and it can go up to a whopping $317. The final amount will depend on whether you’ve chosen a monthly, bi-annual or annual plan. The price for Vendor Package starts from $147 and it usually depends on the customer feedback, overall content, SEO metrics, retail analytics, and some specific AMS campaigns. The cost of Agency package isn’t listed because it varies depending on agencies and their specific requirements. So, agencies representing a specific vendor or seller should directly consult Sellics for personalized quotations.   

What Products Will I Get? 

As previously mentioned, this company comes with an extensive range of items, namely the Seller, Vendor, and Agency Editions. The first item is meant for businesses using Seller central to sell and market products. Similarly, the second version caters to businesses that sell via the vendor selling central and the final version is meant for = agencies who have clients looking to sell their items on Amazon. The edition you choose will entirely depend on your or your organization’s needs.   

Seller Version    

This is the most popular version of Sellics. After signing up, the seller will be immediately redirected to a new page where they can find a tool for detection of products. The same page features a useful navigation bar that lets you toggle between the niche analysing tool, the spy software, and the feature for item detection.  You’ll find the primary features in a short drop-down bar. However, to access majority of these options, the user has to log in to their verified merchant account.

The best perks include the detection of various products, detailed analyzation of niche, a tracking option for checking keyword ranking, spy tool, cockpit, the tool for managing reviews, the feature for handling inventories, profit dashboard tool, the tweak for managing PPC campaigns, and more. Check these features if you plan on using this any time soon.  Product Detection: This tool will offer a detailed analysis of the leading products on Amazon. Sellers can leverage this to discover the best revenue-generating niches. With more than 10,000 popular and top rated listings from Amazon, this tool will certainly meet your needs.    

Niche Analyzation: This simple feature helps asses prospective sales strength and overall volume of your top competitors. This tool can be used for determining the sales made by a niche, and how the leading player of a top niche is performing in terms of profits. Additionally, you will also get to know how easy or difficult it would be to get top rankings in terms of keywords. You will also get details about the sales you might achieve after reaching the top rank.  Spy Device: As evident from the name, this is an excellent tool to monitor the cost set by competitors. The tool is equally effective in tracking the overall profit volume of chosen products.   

Keyword Researching: Also called the Sellics Sonar, the keyword ranking feature will assist in finding out the top keywords. Sellers can even use it for finding keywords used by rivals and top key word combinations. At the moment, Sonar by Sellics has around 185,000,000 key words in database.  

The software has you covered in terms of data security as well. It comes with a Market place API token to ensure Sellics only receives data they ‘actually’ need. No unnecessary or irrelevant data is taken from your Account. None of your credentials or personal information will be compromised and being a part of Amazon’s network, the web-app never shares your account details to Amazon or any other third party. Merchants can always check the privacy policy for more details.   

Vendor Option

As with the previously discussed version, this one comes with great features tailored for vendors. The web-based application offers almost everything a brand will need for expanding its business on Amazon. The tool is ideal for global markets, different teams, and it'll work perfectly well with varying product selections. Noteworthy features include the Customer selection module, content and search engine optimization module, Buy Box module, Module for retail analytics assesment, and the Advertising Module.

While the customer selection module helps assess reviews from users, the content and SEO module plays a major role in optimizing product listings, boosting visibility and increasing total organic traffic.  The buy box tweak version is equally useful in monitoring your overall Buy Box Share. This can be further used for monitoring any other unauthorized seller who’s is currently selling your products.  Retail Analytics feature, will help with live tracking of ARA sales and Advertising Module will help optimize and effectively automate your keyword and bidding strategies. The module for advertisement is also an excellent tool when it comes to tracking AMS campaigns.  

Overall, we had an excellent experience using the Vendor Edition, and we’d certainly vouch for it given the convenience, features, and ease of use it comes to offer. 

 Agency Version  

Sellics acts as an complete software tool for agencies across the globe. It is created to meet the needs of both full-service and specialized agencies that work with Amazon. Here’s a brief list of the top offerings from Sellics’ Agency Edition.   

PPC Management: This is entirely focused on boosting the advertisement ROI on Amazon. You can either manually use the tool or opt for the rules-based automation feature. This tool also features a functional AI that works in every area of the advertisement.   

SEO Tool: The Agency Edition of Sellics has a dedicated SEO tool for boosting brand exposure of clients. This might also increase overall product sale. Use the SEO tool for finding the best key words for targeted products.  Tool for Customer Feedback: This is an excellent tool for handling your client’s reputation at a global level. You will get notifications every time someone posts a new review. Additionally, the reviews can be managed and assessed as and when needed.    

Monitoring the Buy Box: This is an ingenious way for assessing the top competition from other leading brands. It will assist your client in finding the right opportunities which in turn will help them control the Buy Box.  

 Final Thoughts  

Sellics web application, with its multiple offerings, is certainly a solid Amazon marketing package. We loved this software as it has all the analytics tools needed by merchants across the globe. It offers every relevant metrics merchants possibly need for expanding Amazon business. Additionally, they will also have an option of diving deeper gaining insight from the important performance indicators.  The interface is user-friendly, and the price is completely justified given the kind of features it offers. Since the tool is catered to the needs of everyone, you can always choose your preferred edition depending on your needs.   


Q. Can My Account Be Cancelled?   

 A. You can deactivate your Sellics account at any time. Simply head to the 'Account Management' tab and click the option for ‘Terminate’. This option will be available in a dropdown below your existing plan. If, however, you haven’t found this option, reach out to the customer care department immediately.   Q. Is there any Trial edition?   A. Yes, Sellics offers a free 14-day trial. You can opt-in for the trial and use all the features of this software over two weeks. If you’re looking to use the trial, you will first need to sign up on Sellics’ official website.    

Q. How to contact customer care?    

A. Consulting the customer support professionals of Sellics is quite simple. All you need to do is drop an email after which the professionals will readily address your requirements. You can send them an email at [email protected] . Alternatively, if you are seeking immediate resolution, chat with them on their homepage. You will find the chat option at the bottom of the page.   

 Q. Is this web app safe?    

A. Yes, it is completely secure. The application has a dedicated privacy policy where it clearly states all privacy policies. None of your details will be misappropriated or shared with third parties. This applies even when you’ve logged into your amazon account.

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